The Story Behind New Beginnigs

Bruce & Tammy Paulus

Tammy & Bruce Paulus

It all goes back to a prayer from a pastor in Kenya who prayed for help for his church. His name is Alex Masika. He had a dream in which a white man came and blessed his village. He prayed for 5 years and no one had come. Pastor Alex sold his clothes one day and bought a bus ticket to the closest town that offered internet service and emailed 100 pastors asking someone to come to Kenya. Of the 100 pastors he emailed only one responded. As Pastor Alex looked through the church website of the pastor who had responded he came across a picture of the pastor. He started jumping up and down…the man in the picture was the man he had seen in his dream! That pastor was Bruce Paulus.

In the US Bruce was on a personal retreat and had been praying about how God wanted to use him.... while checking his email he read the email from a pastor in Kenya asking him if he would come to Kenya. He prayed about it and corresponded some more with Alex and even though he didn’t know pastor Alex he felt like God was telling him to go. In Sept of 2005 Bruce, an elder from his church, and another local pastor headed to Webuye Kenya to do a pastor and lay-leader conference. Since 2005, Bruce, Tammy, and or their son Nathan, along with many others, have traveled to Webuye regularly.

In 2008 a former community center was rented in Webuye to house the ministry there and land was leased. Alpha discipleship courses were also introduced on this trip. The ministry grew to include discipleship training through the Alpha Course, caring for orphans and widows, housing released inmates and teaching them, along with the widows, to sew so they would have a trade to support themselves. As the Alpha courses grew in impact the New Beginnings Center became known as the Alpha House.

In 2011 land was purchased and construction was begun on what is now the New Beginnings Ministry Center. The Center was then completed in 2012.

In 2015 New Beginnings began partnering with Water4 to dig wells to provide clean drinking water and even more importantly the opportunity to offer living water.

The New Beginnings Center is dedicated to training pastors and lay-leaders as well as ministering to widows, orphans, prisoners. We believe in empowering women, men and children so that they might grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Read more stories of how Bruce, Tammy, and their son Nathan have helped change lives in Kenya and America and click here if you feel led to give financially to the work they are doing.

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