Pastor Alex, Webuye, Kenya

Pastor Alex as he smiles at his congregation

Pastor Alex smiles at his congregation

Blessings in the name of God. I thank God who gave His son to die for our sins and through His son we are saved and we are serving his Kingdom. Surely salvation is a weapon to all who believe Him and serve him in truth. Since I received salvation, I have experienced so many challenges but by faith God has been on my side and protects me.

This year God has granted me favor to share his word with the pastors every Tuesday morning and by that I have been praying to God to give me wisdom on how to lead the pastors and also to give me more revelation on the teaching that I will be teaching them. Another burden that God laid in my heart is to empower them physically since most of the pastors are not financially stable. The burden that the Lord has laid in my heart is a reason why I have decided to share with you brethren so that you can stand with me in prayers and I would appreciate if you would be part of the fellowship.

The aim of our Tuesday prayers is to: live in peace, pray for our country, pray for our families, pray for our neighbors, pray for salvation to our brothers and sisters who do not know Christ, and to pray for other countries that do not know Christ. Be Blessed as you pray with me and the fellowship in Webuye Kenya.

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