Chris Nealeigh, Ohio, USA

Chris & Children

Chris with some orphans at a church

I shared with our Webuya friends that my mom had a dream to go to Africa when she and my dad were newlyweds and were turned down by a missions board taking it as a sign they weren't to go at that time. They went on to pastor a church and devoted their lives to Christian service. I was able to live her dream having the privilege of going twice. The night before mom had open heart surgery I was able to share our team pictures with her. She loved every story and how God was working through each ministry represented there. She had complications with that surgery and has now been in heaven three weeks today as I write this. She supported me financially in going to Kenya and prayed for me daily. Most importantly she modeled a desire to share the wonder of the Gospel to any and all!

When in Webuya we saw God use each of our team members in extraordinary ways. Our various past experiences,some painful, helped us connect with those in the Kitale Prison. These women had husbands leave them and other various heartaches.

I love the New Beginnings Ministry Center's focus of drilling Community wells for local families to get their needed water. Life giving water available to all, just like the Living Water, Jesus! Cleansing, refreshing and rejuvenating the willing.

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