Doug Livgren, Nebraska, USA

Doug Livgren

Doug & Joan

Life is all about relationships. That is a basic truth. Any time we get a chance to expand our relationship base, we need to pursue it. That is exactly what three trips to Webuye, Kenya, has done for me.

As I read through my journals, the names and the personalities just flood my heart with joy. Joan, the shy, skinny little 7 year old girl that would not even look at me, let alone interact with me in any way in 2012, is now an articulate and proper young lady that is a joy to be with. My wife and I have sponsored her for the last 5 years. I met Isaac, a young farmer, who is the youngest of 63 children in his family. His family was Muslim and his Dad had five wives. His Mom had 13 children and Isaac led her and his full siblings to Jesus after he became a Christian as a teenager. Isaac has 26 children in his family, only 4 of them are his. The rest are nieces and nephews who have been orphaned by Isaac’s siblings. He is an amazing person.

Alex, personally takes care of 30 widows, most of whom are HIV positive, and about a dozen orphans who need sponsors (hint, hint). His wife Lorna, who is our hostess when we are in Webuye, is amazing. How would you like to vacate your home so a group of 10 people of a different race could sleep there? Then you keep them fed and cared for for 10 days while you sleep on the floor in a cook shack. Samuel, and his wife Alice, are some of the most joyful people I have ever met. These are wonderful relationships that I hope to maintain for eternity.  It is a strange mix, we wealthy western white people of the USA, and the joyful, spiritually rich black people of Kenya, but we really hit it off very well.

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